2023 Recap

ai4health 2023 recap

Take a look at what happened at AI4Health 2023!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Shinjini Kundu, MD, PhD

Physician and Computer Scientist,
 The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Shinjini Kundu, MD, Ph.D., is a physician and medical researcher at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is well-known for her work in diagnosing diseases from medical images at a pre-emergent stage where the images do not show human-identifiable abnormalities. By making previously imperceptible patterns recognizable using artificial intelligence, Shinjini’s work has been truly transformational. She received a PhD in artificial intelligence from Carnegie-Mellon concurrently with an MD from the University of Pittsburgh. Earlier, she obtained her BS and MS in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Her work stands to accelerate new precision medical diagnostic technologies capable of detecting diseases earlier, with greater accuracy and suggestions for tailored treatments.

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May 2, 2023 — A palpable buzz of excitement could be felt as attendees began slowly filing in through the hallways of the stately Disney Yacht Club Resort…